Call in a fire clean up company after a fire at your business

fire clean up

An emergency call in the middle of the night is every business owner’s nightmare. Your premises is on fire. Careful emergency planning before you get the call will keep everyone safe and reduce costs in the long-term. And you need a fire clean up company like Cleaning Industrial Solutions (CIS Ltd) to remove the soot damage and deep clean your property as quickly as possible.

CIS Ltd is an experienced team which is available day and night 365 days per year to save your commercial premises from ruin after a fire. Swift action within the first 48 hours is your best guarantee of success because corrosion, etching and discolouration will not yet have started.

Cleaning soot damage, smoke particles and scorch marks from furnishings and walls is delicate work and some of the damage may not be visible to the naked eye. CIS Ltd is a fire clean up company that offers a professional 24 hour emergency service to minimise the damage and get your business back up and running quickly.

It only takes minutes for walls, furniture and surfaces to discolour and if they are dark or wood, you may not be able to see this happening. Fire and smoke may also leave a bad smell but deodorising a property in the first 48 hours is most likely to be effective. You need to call Cleaning Industrial Solutions as soon as you are alerted to the fire and meet the cleaners at your property.

smoke removal

Only if you act quickly, will you be able to restore the décor and reduce the amount of furniture you need to replace. Over the course of a week the cost of cleaning escalates because as the property cools down, moisture reacts with the soot producing acids that cause corrosion.

Soot damage can settle on surfaces within minutes, discolouring plastics and paint, tarnishing metals like factory equipment and smoke particles can settle into fabrics on chairs and carpets. It may be very difficult to decontaminate a commercial premises. You must be careful when choosing who to employ because some companies use the wrong cleaning methods and chemicals which cause further damage.

Cleaning Industrial Solutions is a fire clean up company that only uses tried and tested cleaning methods. Thermal fogging neutralises the smell using a smoke removal chemical and Ozone treatment breaks up smoke molecules to deodorise the property.


Soot can escape through windows and loft hatches affecting the gables and the façade of the building too. Ice blasting is used to remove soot from walls and gables. Abrasive blasting will remove it from brickwork. After the fire has been put out it may be necessary to use a dehumidifier to dry out the building. CIS Ltd also clean up after floods so they have the necessary skill and equipment to complete the job.

You need to establish what materials were burned in the fire because that will determine how the property is cleaned and deodorised. Contact your insurance company and provide evidence if you need alternative accommodation and carry out a full survey specifying the work that needs to be done. Remove items that can be restored from the property and keep an inventory so that nothing is lost.

If the fire happens during the day you also need to protect your staff so develop an emergency plan in advance to train up first aiders, ring 999 and evacuate the building.

Call in the professionals and give them access to the whole building so they can run a smoke removal treatment and decontaminate air vents, HVAC systems and small spaces. If you don’t do this, the whole operation will be compromised.

Finally it is very important to protect your property, locking it and making sure there is a designated staff member there or on call throughout the cleaning process. Cleaning Industrial Solutions is a fire clean up company that offers a rapid, discreet and professional service to restore your building to its former glory and get you and your team back to work as quickly as possible. Clients and customers need never know you had a fire.

soot damage

Choose the DOFF steam cleaning method for a chemical free finish – Ask CIS Ltd how

steam cleaning


DOFF is a tried and tested chemical free, steam-based cleaning system which heats water to 150 degrees centigrade to remove all sorts of dirt. For example, cleaning with DOFF will remove grime, mould, algae, moss, loose paint, graffiti, chewing gum, dust, mud and dirt from a variety of buildings, car parks, bridges, factories and tennis courts.

It’s the combination of adjusting the temperature and the pressure using an adjustable nozzle that cleans the most stubborn marks. The water flow is gentle, making it suitable for wood, soapstone and other softer materials.

chemical free

You don’t need chemicals when using the DOFF system, it’s a safe option that is good for the environment. Due to the high temperature, surfaces dry almost instantly. DOFF uses very little water which evaporates quickly so you will have clean surfaces within minutes and a minimal amount of mess.

If you want to clean up the stone work on the outside of a building and remove moss, algae, fungi or other biological matter, the DOFF system will remove the plant life and kill any spores. Chemicals are unnecessary, the steam system cleans and sterilises the surface.

You can also use DOFF to clean the inside of your building like floors and walls and it will sterilise industrial kitchens, swimming pools, toilets and medical facilities. Do give Cleaning Industrial Solutions Ltd a call to discuss your requirements and check if the DOFF system will be suitable on your surfaces.


DOFF is ideal for listed and heritage buildings because the technique does not use chemical biocide, just very hot water applied in a particular way. CIS Ltd has extensive experience cleaning listed buildings including Victorian, Georgian or other period properties and they follow conservation guidelines carefully. We recommend bringing in specialists to work with sensitive building surfaces.

doff system

However, for the most stubborn of stains, the TORC technique adds fine granulate to a little water and low pressure and is very effective for cleaning stonework. Like with the DOFF system the nozzle is adjustable so a larger nozzle can be used to remove paint from large walls and buildings. The TORC system remains gentle and does not damage surfaces. It can be used to remove paint residue, carbon sulphation, lime scale, oil based paints, bitumen and lime or cement based paints. Used alongside DOFF, it’s a powerful tool to return your building to its previous splendour.

If you need a professional cleaning service provided by experts in the field, call CIS Ltd for a free quote today.


chemical free

Cleaning up after a biohazard


Whether it is a biological or chemical spillage, accident or cleaning up needles and other sharp instruments in a hospital, Cleaning Industrial Solutions can help with it all. If you are responsible for premises or a business, it is your responsibility to keep it clean. Biohazard decontamination will clean up an industrial area after a sewage leak or crime scene getting the team back to work as safely and quickly as possible. Biohazard decontamination includes waste disposal.

Why is it important to clean up? Because it is the law. You have a legal duty to protect your staff under the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 and more specifically under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002.

Most maintenance managers, house holders and property managers do not recognise the responsibility they have when selecting a contractor and the risk of criminal prosecution they face if there is an accident and they engaged the cheapest company while ignoring the health and safety procedures associated with this work.
For your protection and ours, CIS Ltd adhere to a detailed health and safety policy. This policy is accredited by Safe Contractor. This scheme assesses the Health & Safety competency of Service Providers. We also employ the services of external health and safety consultants Northgate Arinso.


If you don’t clean up, you may be putting lives at risk so you also have a compelling moral duty. Biohazards are defined as any biological or chemical substance that is dangerous to humans, animals, or the environment. For example, bodily fluids that are difficult to see and faeces which can carry viruses such as hepatitis B, C and HIV.

If you do not decontaminate an area immediately after an incident, you are putting your staff and contractors at risk of infection and exposure to harmful viruses. Bodily fluids like blood, urine and vomit can seep into porous materials and become very difficult to clean if left to fester. You need to act fast after a biohazardous incident to ensure the best and most comprehensive deep clean.


You may need to clean up a biohazard after a specific incident such as a road accident which may result in a blood spillage. Or regular hospital deep cleans including needle and other sharp instrument removal disinfecting premises to prevent the spread of MRSA and other super bugs and controlling infections in laboratories. Then there is cleaning and sterilising a prison or police cell, cleaning up after animals, and removing mould. Ozone treatments can be used for sterilisation.

If you have identified a potential biohazard on your premises that requires specialist and professional biohazard cleaning services, get in touch with us today on 03300 240 699. We are open 24 hours per day, every day of the year so don’t hesitate to call our discreet and professional emergency service.

Deep clean your factory regularly to protect staff, customers and equipment

factoryImagine a sandwich factory that has failed to meet health and safety standards. Inspectors may close the factory with immediate effect. However, even if the management address all the inspectors’ concerns, the reputational damage can mean the business loses a significant number of its clients. This is why cleaning your factory regularly matters. It can be the difference between a thriving enterprise and a dying one.

Cleaning Industrial Solutions can offer a one-off deep clean to restore your factory to its original splendour and then regular cleaning on a contract basis. If there has been an industrial spillage or accident, CIS Ltd will provide a rapid, fully comprehensive response, draining any water or sewage and decontaminating the building including fittings and fixtures. This means staff can return to work as soon as possible.

If you need us to clean machinery we do this with high pressure water channelled through an adjustable nozzle to give the machine a pristine effect. The team is also trained to undertake high level cleaning on the outside of your building including roof cleaning. We clean outdoor equipment used on farms as well as indoor equipment.CIS-CTA-Sep-2015

Sometimes after a fire, you can still smell the smoke or you have moved into new premises where the air is thick with cigarette smoke or a damp smell. We can remove any odour and oil, even neutralising the smell from vehicles if your business contains a yard.

We can clean the outside of the premises as well as the inside, removing graffiti, soot, cleaning stone, masonry and cladding, grit and soda blasting and cleaning the façade. We clean windows and gutters, factory floors, public areas, commercial and domestic premises. We also take on public sector contracts.

We work according to your timetable, cleaning after the end of the working day or when the factory is closed. We will prioritise customer satisfaction and will make sure the factory continues to run smoothly while we are cleaning. We are the invisible army. No job is too difficult and we operate across Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent to meet all your needs 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Call now for a free quotation.

Beware the flood and seek help straight away


Severe gales and heavy rainfall known as Storm Desmond swept through southern Scotland, the north of England, Wales and Northern Ireland on 5 and 6 December 2015. You may also remember havoc wreaked by the Great storm of 1987. However, a storm is not the only reason your property may be flooded. There can be many reasons that a business is flooded, burst water main underneath your business or at your plant. You will need a water clean up company to restore your business to its former glory.

The safety of staff is paramount so make sure you know where everyone is and evacuate if necessary. When you do this you must secure your property, locking it in the normal way. If you have flood insurance, you should call your insurance provider immediately and before you arrange any emergency repairs. Also take photos of the flood and damage because you may need to refer to these later as evidence of your claim.


After the flood has subsided, you will need a water damage clean up company to clean up. There are three types of water but flood water is always black water. This means it is contaminated, often with human or animal faeces and can carry diseases or pests. Drinking or rain water which is considered clean and grey water that contains traces of oil from cooking and residue from the shower can turn into black water if left to stand too long.

A rapid response to a flood or leak is essential. Cleaning Industrial Solutions can help. Black water must be fully decontaminated before people return to the property. CIS can extract flood water, they remove standing water from buildings and dry contents, fittings and fixtures on-site and off-site. The team sanitise and deodorise furnishings and buildings efficiently including ceiling water removal. Call their emergency 24 hour call out service immediately to minimise the damage to your property.


In the case of a leak,  CIS Ltd can use their advanced equipment to detect whether the water contains nitrates which means it is coming up from the ground or chlorides which means it comes from a fresh water source. If there are no salts, the problem is likely to be caused by condensation or rain water ingression. Once CIS Ltd which is your water clean up company has identified the problem, they can write reports for your insurers.

When you leave your property tell your business partner or reception where you are going and leave a contact number. Take emergency contact details, mobile and access to your email in case insurers, CIS Ltd or other people want to contact you. Do not return to your business after a flood until it is safe to do so.

ceiling water removal

Your insurer will pay for temporary accommodation for your business if you have to move out of your property while it dries out and is cleaned. If you have buildings cover, your insurer will dry, clean, repair and restore your premises including ceiling water removal by employing Cleaning Industrial Solutions or another provider. If you have contents cover, your insurer will dry, clean and, restore your possessions or replace or pay for any possessions that are so damaged they cannot be cleaned up or repaired.

After a flood, it may take up to 12 months for your property to dry out but if you take photographs and call Cleaning Industrial Solutions immediately, you should get back in a lot quicker. If the flood happens overnight, you can call 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. You may need a loss adjuster to assess the damage, surveyors and a builder as well as Cleaning Industrial Solutions but it is the water clean up companies’ ability to drain your property of water and decontaminate the contents that will determine when you can move back.

Make your property sparkle after a fire


If you thought fire safety and preventing fire damage was not important to your home and family before Grenfell, it must now be crystal clear that it is. The world looked on in shock as a 24 storey block in central London went up in flames and 71 people died including women and children. Cheap, combustible insulation, flammable cladding and poor evacuation procedures contributed to this tragedy. Since the incident police have been collecting forensic evidence and a public inquiry is underway and is being chaired by Sir Martin Moore-Bick.

Cleaning Industrial Solutions offers a genuine 24-hour 365-day call-out fire clean-up service dealing with soot and odours for private and commercial properties. The company has a specialised cleaning process that is the most environmentally friendly on the market.

They can deep clean both the inside and outside of your property from the effects of fire damage, flood and vandalism. Internally they can clean and deodorise both building surfaces, fixtures and content. Contents include Pat testing electrics, cleaning and deodorising soft furnishings, laundry, storage and preparing lists of beyond economic restoration content for settlement by your insurance company.

best brick cleanerExternally they can clean soot, paint and graffiti off brick, patio and rendered finishes using media blasting, pressure washing, Doff and TORC. If you had an industrial spillage, vandalism, fire or flood at your property or business premises Cleaning Industrial Solutions will met your needs. There is no job too difficult for them so if you live in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire or London call them quickly to minimise damage and disruption to your family and customers.CIS-CTA-Sep-2015

Doff is a chemical-free steam based cleaning technique that can be used to remove paint, graffiti, animal fouling, algae, moss, fungi and wax from buildings.  Water is heated up to 150 degrees centigrade to produce pristine results. Both the temperature and water pressure can be adjusted to tackle the dirt and sterilise industrial kitchens, swimming pools, toilets and medical facilities. The system is not designed for fabrics or most plastics but surfaces dry quickly because of the heat, leaving very little mess. Doff can be used on more delicate surfaces like wood without damaging them unlike a pressure-washer or a sand-blaster. Specialist staff adjust the pressure of the steam using a nozzle to do their work safely and to a very high standard.

clean up

Cleaning Industrial Solutions also offers a TORC system to clean carbon residue from fire, smoke, soot or pollution, limescale, oil based paints, bitumen and lime or cement based paints. The TORC system uses a small amount of water, fine granulate and low pressure on stone surfaces.

If you need a building deep cleaned, discuss your eco-friendly requirements for the best fire clean-up by calling (0330) 0240699. Don’t delay, call Cleaning Industrial Solutions today.


Top tips for gutter cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning Rooves and Gutters

Cleaning and maintaining the guttering at your home or your commercial premises is a job that is all too often ignored. But if gutters aren’t kept clear of debris and properly maintained they could end up causing water damage to your property. Even if water is retained within the gutter, pooled water will end up rotting, rusting or causing damage to the guttering itself. At the very least rainwater from blocked gutters could affect your roof or your fascia board.

If kept clean and in good condition, your gutters will work effortlessly to keep rain water from causing unnecessary damage to your property. Here are some top tips for gutter cleaning and keeping your gutters in good working order.

Equipment you’ll need:

• A sturdy ladder. A tall step ladder may be easier than an extension ladder. Or if your roof has a low pitch, you may be able to access your guttering easier from there, but generally cleaning or repairing guttering from your roof isn’t recommended for obvious safety reasons.
• Heavy work gloves.
• Non-slip shoes.
• Safety glasses or goggles.
• A bucket for collecting debris.
• A dropcloth for protecting areas beneath the gutter.
• A garden trowel or gutter scoop.
• A hose with a pressure nozzle and access to water.
• A scrubbing brush.

To clean gutters:

Cleaning Out Your Gutters

1. Position your ladder on a level surface and ensure you are wearing non-slip shoes, and sturdy work gloves (to protect your hands from sharp metal and screws).
2. Carefully position yourself on the ladder to enable easy access to the gutter, with 2 buckets hooked onto your ladder within easy reach (one to hold your tools, one to put debris in).
3. Scoop out loose debris with a trowel or gutter scoop into a bucket, starting at the drain outlet and working along. It’s best to do this when the debris is damp, rather than when it has dried out.
4. Wash out the gutters with a hose. Start at the furthest end away from the drain outlet and blast water using a pressure nozzle. You may need a scrubbing brush to clean off any crusted dirt and debris.
5. Clear any obstructions from drainpipes. Try flushing the drainpipe with a high-pressure hose. If that doesn’t clear it, you may need a plumber’s auger (drain unblocker). This is a flexible rod that reaches around corners and is used to unblock drains. Thread it down from the top.

To maintain gutters:

• Inspect and clear gutters in the spring and in the autumn.
• Adjust the slope of gutters from time to time to keep water moving to the down pipes.
• Check drainpipes are expelling water away from your property. Add drainpipe extenders if necessary.
• Check guttering and drainpipes for rust, peeling paint and leaks. Identify leaks by filling your gutter with water. Repair or replace any damaged lengths of guttering (make sure they are dry before repairing). Small leaks may be repairable with gutter sealant.
• Check guttering and drainpipes are fixed securely to fascia boards.
• Check fascia boards for rot or damage, and if needs be, replace or treat them with a wood preservative.

If your roof is higher than a single storey, you would be well advised to hire a gutter-cleaning pro. If you need help our professional gutter cleaners are on hand, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can also provide expert water damage advice.

Make your business stand out this summer – what a building clean can really do

How would you describe your commercial building? More importantly, how would visitors to your business describe it? The curb appeal of your building is a big deal – it can either attract new customers or keep your business hidden in the background.

The appearance of your property is as importance as the appearance of your packaging. A dirty building creates in the minds of your customers, potential customers and staff that your business is not very efficient and sets a low standard of service or quality of product.

Building improvements go beyond aesthetics and can affect your bottom line. By making just a few cosmetic improvements to your building’s exterior, you can:

• Increase customer traffic
• Increase the value of your property
• Attract high-quality tenants
• Make your building stand out among competitors

We have all the specialist equipment required for a complete building clean. We have cleaned commercial and industrial buildings for over 25 years and building clean everything from hotels to industrial complexes.

Four ways to Improve the appearance of Your Commercial Building:

1 – Clearing and repairing all gutters and removing any plant growth

2 – Cleaning and repairing all pathways and car parks

3 – Clean and repair building facade

If your building is more than 10 years old, chances are dirt and grime from all those years of rain, snow, wind and traffic have built up on the exterior. A pressure wash, steam clean (DOFF) or media blasting can solve that problem and reveal the beautiful original building underneath.

4 – Invest in Landscaping

A freshly-manicured look and well-placed greenery can draw the eye of passers-by and welcome customers to do business with you. Your landscaping says a lot about your business, so it’s important to keep up with it.

Well-placed flowers can add colour to otherwise bland surroundings. Manicured bushes and lawns improve the aesthetic value of your property. Pathways and borders of pavers, bricks, or stones are another wonderful way to enhance curb appeal.

Dealing with Damp

Finding damp in your property is never pleasant, but fortunately there are a few things you can do to prevent and deal with damp. Take a look at below our advice on dealing with damp.


Find the source and control the spread

Damp can be caused by a number of factors including leaks, cracks, blocked drains, broken gutters, damaged roof tiles and more. Luckily, if you spot damp early before it has spread it is much easier to deal with. For example, if there is a high level of condensation in the room you could simply open the windows and ventilate the room. There are also a number of affordable, high quality cleaning products you can buy to deal with small amounts of mould and damp.

Maintain your pipes

As mentioned, blocked and broken pipes are one of the most common causes of damp in residential properties. If your pipes are already broken or leaking, you will most likely need to hire a professional to get them fixed quickly and prevent further damage and issues. Preventative measures such as regularly checking the condition of your pipes and cleaning out your gutters is recommended to prevent water damage and the build-up of damp.

Get a Damp Survey

At Cleaning Industrial Solutions, we have many years’ experience helping residential and commercial clients across the South East to deal with damp. Our friendly and professional team are fully qualified to carry out damp surveys as well as dealing with the clean-up and repairing damage.

Our damp surveys include a full visual inspection of the property to establish the cause of the damp – this includes a full inspection of the interior and exterior of the building. We make note of any potential issues and include these in our final report. We also carry out research on the local area to establish whether there are any environmental factors which could have resulted in damp.

If you need help with damp or would like a damp survey completed on your property, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.


Summer house jobs

Now that the summer is here, it’s the perfect time to clean up your house and get everything in order. Once you’ve got all the normal jobs done and made sure the inside of your home is nice and tidy, you should be careful not to forget about the outside of your home! There are plenty of things you can do to keep your home looking beautiful on the outside. Many of these will also help save you money in the long run and help prevent any future damage. Take a look below at some of the important summer home maintenance jobs you should do.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning Out Your Gutters

It’s important to make sure your gutters are clean and that there are no leaves or moss blocking up your pipes. If your drains are blocked this could easily lead to a build-up of water. This could cause future problems as a result of water damage including damaged pipes, gutters, roof damage, leaky rooves, mould and damp.

Brick Cleaning


The bricks of your home are up against exposure to the weather as well as moss, pollution and other factors. These can all result in dirty brickwork which can reduce the visual appeal of your home. Keeping your brickwork clean is important, not only for making your house look nice but also for maintaining the overall structural integrity of your home.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way of dealing with a whole range of problems such as mould, dirty brickwork, moss, loose paint, dirt and more. It is also a very effective technique for restoring many different types of surfaces to perfect condition, including rooves, driveways, patios, the sides of your house and more.

Contact us

At Cleaning Industrial Solutions we are the leading provider of specialist cleaning services for residential and commercial clients across the whole of the South East of England. If you’re looking for help cleaning your house this summer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Our friendly and experienced team are happy to help getting your home looking perfect for the summer.