Manchester city centre’s skyline is about to undergo a drastic change. In the next few years a number of high-rise towers will bloom and change the skyline forever. Some of the builds have already started and planning permission has been given the go ahead for many more.

As reported in the Manchester Evening News, as many as 18 new skyscrapers could appear on Manchester City’s skyline over the next few years, including a magnificent 41-storey skyscraper in Angel Meadow. Two 36-storey towers are also set to be built on the former ITV site. Plans to build these towers were approved in March. Another £154m development in the heart of the city, close to Victoria Train Station, will also include 36 storeys of plush apartments and commercial space.

The iconic Beetham tower will get a twin, and Manchester’s tallest tower yet is set to go ahead as part of the Owen Street development with four skyscrapers including one with an incredible 64 storeys. It will be the tallest building in the UK outside of London.

Cleaning Manchester’s skyline is a serious business. Maintaining any building’s higher levels can be a tough job and is one that can be easily overlooked as an unnecessary cost. A clean building creates a great impression and stands out from the crowd. In business especially, first impressions really do matter.

In a busy city, it’s likely dirt and grime will build up on any building exterior more quickly. Regular cleaning will prevent unnecessary wear and tear and help to maintain the integrity of the build. For windows that are high up, cleaning windows yourself certainly isn’t an option. If you are several storeys up you’ll need to employ a professional cleaning company with experience in high access cleaning.

Cleaning Industrial Solutions are experienced professionals offering high access cleaning services for clients across Manchester. We can clean hard to reach windows, cladding, masonry, guttering and all building facades using the latest, state-of-the-art equipment. We are committed to cleaning the buildings of Manchester to keep the city’s skyline clean.

Storm Angus and Flood Damage


Over the past few days, Storm Angus hit the UK bringing heavy rainfall across the country and winds of up 80mph. An amber warning was issued to an area stretching from Portsmouth to Sussex and across the Kent coast, with a yellow warning issued to an area covering Ipswich and Plymouth and rainfall levels expected to reach 40mm in some areas. Parts of Wales have been hit by levels of rain above 40mm, while just outside of Wales, Shropshire reported the highest recorded level of rainfall at 56.8mm.

The aftermath of a flood can have a long lasting effect on any property or business and can cause major issues in the long run if not dealt with quickly and professionally. Floodwater can have a devastating effect on the lives of homeowners and their property. It can also cause unseen structural damage to a property and is also capable of carrying sewage and diseases with it.

At Cleaning Industrial Solutions, we understand the stress that flood and water damage can cause. We are experienced in dealing with flood and water damage and offer a friendly and efficient service to commercial and domestic clients. For more information and advice on cleaning and restoring your home or business following a flood, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Don’t be misled over damp

CIS LogoHouseholds could be spending hundreds of pounds on unnecessary damp-proofing treatment.

Dark patches appearing on the wall, a musty smell, rotting wood – Discovering signs of damp in your home can be unpleasant, so companies offering a ‘free survey’ to examine symptoms and find a cure have obvious appeal, but be aware that these companies have a vested interest in carrying out the treatment. That is why they offer the free Survey.

“Which” carried out a snapshot investigation, assessing the advice offered by damp-treatment companies; the findings were less attractive. In two thirds of cases, companies recommended what their experts deemed to be unnecessary or inappropriate treatment or missed the problem completely. Five of the eleven companies that visited one property recommended unnecessary damp treatment and five companies failed to notice the likely penetrating/rising damp problem at the front of the house.

DampDamp proofing should be a last resort. Damp in the internal space will always have a source. Most of these sources can be identified and resolved without the need for damp proofing and in some cases the source may even be covered by your insurance policy. The other issue with damp proofing without resolving the source of the damp is you may just spend all this money simply to push the problem along to affect a different area.

It will always be advisable to invest in a damp survey performed by a company which does not have an interest in treatment.


At CIS we only carry out damp surveys. We do not carry out or recommend companies for damp proof treatment.

How To Get Paint Off Brickwork

Paint removal from brick, stonework or timber is a very specialist service and when appointing a contractor to carry out this work you must be very careful as a lot of damage can be caused if the wrong method is used. There are a few systems available on the market

  • Media Blasting (Commonly known as sand blasting)
  • Chemical stripping
  • Doff (High pressured steam system)
  • Torc (Combination of media blasting and pressure washing)

The selection of the right system will depend on the following:

Whether the Paint Removal is Internal or External

If the job is internal then the use of any system which introduces water may be out of the question. So in that circumstance, media blasting or chemical stripping may be the only systems possible. Please make sure the chemical used is authorised for internal use by the health and safety executive and manufacturer.

Is Dust an Issue?

Are there any entrapment issues, content issues or environmental health issues? If dust is an issue then Doff, Torc, chemical stripping or Ice blasting will be the preferable options.

The Type of Paint Being Removed

If the paint is lead based then chemical stripping would be the preferred system. If it is lime based then the torc system will be the most effective. Doff is most effective exterior and internal paint coatings.

The Effect You are Looking for

Some people like the effect of media blasting on internal walls because it creates a texture to the brick and pointing and with the paint specks left it gives a patina which makes the wall a feature. The doff and Torc systems will remove the paint without damaging the brick so you get a clean brick look.

The Listing of the Structure

English heritage will not allow media blasting and pressure washing in most circumstances. They prefer lighter systems which cause the least amount of damage to the structure. The Torc and Doff system are the most approved systems in listed buildings.

The Condition and Hardness of the Structure Below the Paint Work

The rule is that the media used should be softer than the structure below or it will damage the structure. The problem with paint removal is that the paint is sometime harder than the surface below particularly when over the years you have multiple layers of paint.

If you choose the media for the paint you will not know at what point you have reached through the paint and are now damaging the structure. The best systems in this situation are the softer systems such as Doff and Torc.

We would never advise aggressive media blasting for paint removal on external walls as any damage to the bricks could make them porous leading to water ingression.

Welcome to our new website

CIS is proud to welcome all new and existing clients to our new website and blog. With a few months of planning and a brand new website design that offers more information on the services we offer, we will continue to provide expert, quality service with helpful advice and assistance when you most need it.

We understand that damage can occur due to events beyond your control and whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, this damage can have a devastating effect on your life. CIS offers complete, unbiased assistance with cleaning and restoration as well as providing support and insurance assistance in the case of a fire or a flood.

At Cleaning Industrial Solutions we take pride in providing unsurpassed service and an outstanding product that delivers maximum value to our customers. With a fast, flexible and responsive service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our team of expert technicians, and experienced admin team, will ensure that you are completely covered in the event of fire, smoke, storm or water damage as well as many other situations such as post eviction cleaning.

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